Selling a Daycare

Looking to Sell?

If you own one, or multiple, childcare facilities and are thinking about selling, we are in the market to expand. We can be an ideal buyer for a first-rate facility, and we can help you avoid things like brokerage fees, inflexible sale options, and business sale marketing. If you fall under this category and would like to contact us about a potential acquisition, you are welcome to review our information below and fill out the contact form to the right.

What is Grow With Us All About?

Grow With Us is a reputable, locally owned company that has been expanding throughout the Florida panhandle since 2013. We have a back-office support team that allows us to keep outstanding management who continually work on furthering the advancement of education and technology in our centers. We continually consider opportunities to expand in order to meet the childcare and preschool needs of the communities we are in. We focus on maintaining clean and secure facilities, with professional team members, in order to meet and exceed the needs of early education.

Contact Information

    Why is Grow With Us an Ideal Buying Partner for My Daycare Operation?

    Grow With Us is among the leading providers of childcare and early childhood development in the Florida panhandle and are looking to expand our operations. We have shown over our many years in business to be reliable, provide first-class care, and to be involved in business dealings that benefit both us and the companies that we work with. Grow With Us is a growing company, and because of that we are in a position to make quick decisions when it comes to expansion. When you decide to work with us, you can be rest assured that your company will be in good hands, and we will not undercut you, devalue the brand that you have built, or make the transition difficult for anyone involved. We are very particular about the companies we choose to work with, and we hold ourselves up to the same standards of business ethics and practices.

    I am Interested in Selling My Childcare Facility to Grow With Us, Where Do I Begin?

    First and foremost, you do not need to stress about contacting a broker or middleman before connecting with Grow With Us. However, if you would like to get your basic financial information in order, and then think about what works for you in terms of sale structure, timing, valuation, and any special considerations when it comes to your business, then we are ready to have a conversation with you about a potential transaction. Below, we have a standard form that you can complete if you think you are ready to begin negotiations with our team. Also, any discussions we have are in complete confidence, and we will never contact your center, or any stakeholders of your center, without your permission. We looking forward to speaking with you.