Join Our Growing Team

Our private school(s) are in need of quality employees to join our roster of experienced, motivated, and effective teaching professionals.

If you are interested in making a difference and want to teach young children, Grow With Us Learning Centers may be the right fit for you. We strive in every way to create an inspiring and enriching atmosphere both for our students, parents, and our teachers.

Every day we encourage our teachers to interact with their students on a personal level and to identify each student’s learning patterns. We put a strong emphasis on physical activity, interactive learning and the use of props and other educational tools.

Send Us Your Resume Today!

    You'll be a great fit, if you:

    • Love working with children
    • Are patient
    • Have the ability to teach creatively
    • Are wanting to make a difference
    • Are looking for a fun place to work
    • Have excellent communication and organizational skills

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Encourage creativity in students by organizing art and craft projects on a daily basis
    • Listen carefully to parents’ requests and concerns and address them as quickly as possible
    • Create lesson plans for each class based on your experience and the students’ specific needs
    • Create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere in the classroom
    • Join the rotation of Teachers who assist with start-of-day and end-of-day student care procedures
    • Introduce interactive activities into the classroom and encourage students to vocalize their concerns and questions
    • Communicate with other team members as well as with parents about students’ progress and behavior
    • Organize students into small groups for social education

    When Does Grow With Us Hire?

    Grow With Us Learning Academy is always looking for staff who are motivated to help make a difference and helping children learn and grow.

    We will normally hire staff members when our enrollment has increased, a staff member has left, or we have added a new location.

    Application Process

    If you are ready to apply, simply visit this link to see any open positions and submit your information.

    Don’ worry! If you are not a match at this time, we will keep your application on file for future reference. Our staffing needs can change quickly, so if not now, we may have a spot for you later on if you are still interested.

    Some Education Requirements:

    • 1+ years’ teaching experience
    • 45 hours of DCF training but not needed to start
    • Valid state-issued teaching certificate (Early Childhood Education, Formal Education, CDA or FCCPC (copy of college transcript verifying your degree) preferred.