Fort Walton Beach Child Care Services

For young children, learning should be fun. At Grow With Us Learning Academy, we believe that learning should be the most fun they can have all day. With that thought in mind, we believe that FWB childcare is so much more than a babysitting service, but rather a place for children to grow and learn.

We provide a balance between two very important aspects of learning for young children. We understand the differences and hardships that every child faces, and we strive to teach through creative activities that will stay with your children for a lifetime.

Our FWB child care services teach through age-appropriate activities and the best in hands-on experiences for all children. Even though children learn differently, and at different rates, most benefit from learning in a hands-on way.

Our experienced, qualified teachers guide each child in learning opportunities in accordance with each child’s growth rate and development. At this young age, it is vital that a Fort Walton Beach preschool give each child the opportunity to express ideas freely and to feel good about doing so. This is why we provide a flexible environment that is free from restrictive rules and allows young minds to be creative.


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    Child Care Services We Provide

    At Grow With Us, we want our classrooms to be just like home. Whether your child is in the nursery, toddler, or preschool/VPK classrooms, our FWB day care services will always provide a warm and accepting learning experience for each one of them. For children in the nursery environment, our teachers are there all day long to provide your child with emotional, cognitive and physical nurturing that is vital for development.

    Fort Walton Beach child care for toddlers provides hands-on exploration of their surroundings in such a way that they will carry these good habits home with them. Your one or two-year-old is learning something new every day. Through our FWB day care facilities, their social skills and self-confidence will help them to bloom into a young child full of independence.

    FWB VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) is a classroom setting that fosters cooperation and communication skills in preparation for elementary school. Here is where each FWB VPK program readies children for those skills they will first encounter in kindergarten and beyond. Writing, math, science, and pre-reading skills are emphasized as well as comprehensive skills. Our programs use curriculums that are comprehensive and aligned to essential early learning standards.

    Why FWB Preschool is Important

    Our philosophy embraces all aspects of a young child’s development. Here at Grow With Us, we not only see the physical growth of our students, but witness their intellectual, and social-emotional sides too. Our goal is to help develop happy, well-adjusted children who can learn in a climate that is affectionate, plays within the rules, and garners positive reinforcement.

    Our FWB child care professionals offer developmentally appropriate academic experiences for every age and grade level. Children are encouraged to acquire skills at their own level of readiness.

    Research shows that children learn best in environments that allow them to explore their worlds through the use of learning materials. They do so in their own ways and at their own paces. Your child not only learns but does so in motivating and captivating ways that are based on their unique style and interests.

    Curriculums We Use

    We have created a curriculum that is designed around letting children learn and grow to their fullest.

    Here, we believe in children setting the schedule, because we understand every child’s individuality, and how each child has their own internal clock. Our curriculums keep us organized, our children engaged, and our parents informed. We want to ensure that we are delivering on our promises and that every child can benefit from our efforts. All of our curriculums are a promise to you and your children.

    We are delighted to provide more information about our philosophy and how we apply it to three courses of study –

    • Infants, Toddlers, Two-Year-Olds
    • Three-Year-Olds
    • Preschool / VPK

    Our teachers are energetic and passionate about teaching young minds all there is to know about the world around them. They set out activities where children are actively involved in the learning process and they have fun while doing so. In this way, each child understands how learning is a good thing, and one to be shared with their families every day.

    Your family is important to you, and now there is no longer a need to feel that you do not have the time to engage your children on a daily basis because of work obligations. We work with your children to provide them with the very best learning environment. Children learn in many different ways and our teachers and staff are right there with them every day as they take another step forward in their safe and secure world.

    Help your child to grow into the unique individual they are meant to be. Children thrive in creative, nurturing environments. As young learners, Grow With Us Learning Academy welcomes your children to their home away from home. Contact us today to learn more.