Our Nursery

Our nursery is a warm, nurturing, home like environment with engaging learning experiences. The bond between the babies in our nursery and their teacher ensures they feel safe, secure, and happy.

In this nurturing environment, your baby is not only loved and cared for, but cognitive, emotional, and physical development is stimulated.

Infant Programs at Grow With Us Learning Academy
We bring age-appropriate learning to your infant(s). Because we know learning starts at even the earliest of age, our programs are geared towards being enthusiastic, reassuring, and creative—all to bring the best out in your little one. All children learn at different levels and rates, but child care for infants is very different from learning for older children. Our team is here to see that your infant excels in every way.
Why Our Goals Are Your Goals Too
At Grow With Us Learning Academy, we base our philosophy of children on the cooperation between teachers, parents, and administration. We believe in a wholesome approach to early learning – one everyone in an infant's life supports. We only teach through age-appropriate activities and know through our experience that children learn best through a hands-on approach.
Learning For Your Infant
When it comes to your infant, we know how vital every loving interaction is for them. It can be singing a lullaby, rocking them to sleep, or anything else supporting their emotional development. Our focus is on providing this individualized, nurturing care, as we introduce the fundamentals of learning to your infant.
Infant Curriculum We Offer
Tummy Time – This is an important part of infant development. This is practiced throughout the daily schedule. Gross and Fine Motor Skills – These are introduced through the curriculum with our carefully guided lesson plans. Infants learn how to move, pull up, roll over, and eventually crawl. Clapping hands, holding favorite toys, building hand-eye coordination are all fundamental to beginning learning. Language – Hearing and processing sounds are vital to palate development, as infants go from having the desire to communicate to having their needs understood. Social & Emotional – Infants learn to trust through each smile and embrace they encounter. With our childcare, infants thrive in social settings, which is an important beginning for healthy relationships. Let our teachers nurture your infant in a home-like setting. Our locally owned child care center offers wonderful things for your children. Contact us today to learn more.
Infants Program at Grow With Us Learning Academy

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    The First Day

    It is perfectly normal for young children to have some doubts about being away from their parents. Like adults, children need time to adjust to a new environment.

    You should communicate openly with your child in advance about the new people that they will get to know and the new things that he/she will be doing. For “first-timers”, it is normal for your child to be hesitant and/or become upset about being separated from you. It is important that you leave them with a good-bye hug and kiss in reassurance that you will come back for them later in the day.

    Our loving staff will continue to comfort them until they feel secure and are willing to play on their own. Feel free to call the school at any time to check-in.

    Remember that we are here to help you work through any transitional situations that arise.

    Quick First Day Checklist

    • Blanket
    • Change of clothes
    • Packed lunch
    • If applicable – diapers and wipes
    • If applicable – formula