Our Nursery

Our nursery is a warm, nurturing, home like environment with engaging learning experiences. The bond between the babies in our nursery and their teacher ensures they feel safe, secure, and happy.

In this nurturing environment, your baby is not only loved and cared for, but cognitive, emotional, and physical development is stimulated.


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    The First Day

    It is perfectly normal for young children to have some doubts about being away from their parents. Like adults, children need time to adjust to a new environment.

    You should communicate openly with your child in advance about the new people that they will get to know and the new things that he/she will be doing. For “first-timers”, it is normal for your child to be hesitant and/or become upset about being separated from you. It is important that you leave them with a good-bye hug and kiss in reassurance that you will come back for them later in the day.

    Our loving staff will continue to comfort them until they feel secure and are willing to play on their own. Feel free to call the school at any time to check-in.

    Remember that we are here to help you work through any transitional situations that arise.

    Quick First Day Checklist

    • Blanket
    • Change of clothes
    • Packed lunch
    • If applicable – diapers and wipes
    • If applicable – formula
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