Curriculum at Grow With Us

At Grow With Us Learning Academy, we believe in the potential of every child. It is our duty as educators to do anything that we can to unlock that potential. With that in mind, we have created a curriculum that is designed around letting children learn and grow to their fullest.

Here, we believe in children setting the schedule, because we understand every child’s individuality, and how each child has their own internal clock. Our curriculums keep us organized, our children engaged, and our parents informed. We want to ensure that we are delivering on our promises and that every child can benefit from our efforts. All of our curriculums are a promise to you and your children.

We are delighted to provide more information about our philosophy and how we apply it to three courses of study.

Our Curriculum

Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year Old’s

We bring age-appropriate learning to your infant(s). Because we know learning starts at even the earliest of age, our programs are geared towards being enthusiastic, reassuring, and creative—all to bring the best out in your little one. All children learn at different levels and rates, but child care for infants is very different from learning for older children. Our team is here to see that your infant excels in every way. Why Our Goals Are Your Goals Too At Grow With Us Learning Academy, we base our philosophy of children on the cooperation between teachers, parents, and administration. We believe in a wholesome approach to early learning – one everyone in an infant's life supports. We only teach through age-appropriate activities and know through our experience that children learn best through a hands-on approach. Learning For Your Infant When it comes to your infant, we know how vital every loving interaction is for them. It can be singing a lullaby, rocking them to sleep, or anything else supporting their emotional development. Our focus is on providing this individualized, nurturing care, as we introduce the fundamentals of learning to your infant. We offer: Tummy Time – this is an important part of infant development. This is practiced throughout the daily schedule. Gross and Fine Motor Skills – these are introduced through the curriculum with our carefully guided lesson plans. Infants learn how to move, pull up, roll over, and eventually crawl. Clapping hands, holding favorite toys, building hand-eye coordination are all fundamental to beginning learning. Language – hearing and processing sounds are vital to palate development, as infants go from having the desire to communicate to having their needs understood. Social & Emotional – infants learn to trust through each smile and embrace they encounter. With our childcare, infants thrive in social settings, which is an important beginning for healthy relationships. Let our teachers nurture your infant in a home-like setting. Our locally owned child care center offers wonderful things for your children. Contact us today to learn more.
One Year Olds
Our learning academy offers your one-year-old the perfect environment for early learning. At just 12 months, your little one has already learned so much. At Grow With Us Learning Academy, we teach age-appropriate activities geared to the best in hands-on learning. By the time your baby has reached their first-year milestone, there is so much they have already accomplished. Most children are walking or are ready to walk at this time, they love looking at picture books and coloring with crayons. Identifying shapes and swaying to the music is just some of what makes up their day. Because we recognize that all children learn differently and at different rates, our learning is always geared toward being creative, positive, reassuring, and enthusiastic. Every child has great potential – we see it every day in those who join us – and that is why we have created a curriculum designed around letting children grow and learn to the fullest. One-Year-Old Curriculum Once your child has reached their one-year birthday, it's time to transition to a Pre-Toddler curriculum. There is so much to learn here, and new activities for your child. Our curriculum-based lesson plans are never the same week to week – and there is much to explore daily. At Grow With Us, learning is always fun and includes: • A nurturing and encouraging environment. We incorporate guided play for our one-year-olds, and there is a safe place for them to discover new things and try new experiences. • Fine and gross motor skills are enhanced. We offer specific activities just right for one-year-olds guided by our age-appropriate curriculum. • A sense of routine is developed through a strictly structured schedule. This is so important and is learned at an early age for optimum results. • Our curriculum includes activities such as painting, coloring, short stories, picture books, music, dance, word recognition, identifying shapes, language, and vocabulary building, matching numbers, counting, and developing fine motor skills. There are many discoveries to be made, and the joy of learning is almost second nature to them. Join us for a lifetime journey of discovery for your children. It begins at Grow With Us Learning Academy. Contact us to learn more.
Two Year Olds
Children are unique, and at our childcare facility, we are dedicated to helping every child to succeed. We have created a safe environment for every little one, where they learn through hands-on interactions as they play at their own pace. There is so much for young children to take in, and our activities are all age appropriate. Even though all children are different and learn in different ways, they all benefit from how they learn. At Grow With Us, we offer them activities in an enthusiastic, positive, creative and reassuring manner. Nothing is left to chance where your child is concerned. We Offer a Solid Curriculum For Two-Year Olds Each child has great potential, and it is the duty of our instructors to unlock that potential. Our childcare curriculums are age-responsive, as we let children learn and grow fully. We are also on set schedules, as this is the best way to take advantage of their internal clock. Two-Year-Olds Discover Everything New Learning is Conversational. Children practice speaking in 2 to 3-word sentences at this age and begin to remember what they have done throughout the day. They learn and recite simple songs and rhymes. This is the age when reading short stories is a joy, as each child will have a favorite book or a favorite sentence. Simple Instructions Are Learned. Two-year-olds love to follow simple instructions as they are guided through curriculum activities. Their growth and motor skills are refined as they run, throw, catch, and kick. This is the age when they will grasp crayons and writing tools to begin making marks on paper. Development of Cooperative Play Skills. Children at this early age learn to process feelings and love empathizing with others as they gain respect for those in their play set. Even though they focus on “me” and “mine,” this is the beginning of each child finding their best versions as they continue to discover each day at our childcare facility. Why Grow With Us Is Best For Your Child It is a discovery every day. Done right, it becomes a way of life. With our help, your child will develop all the skills they need as they grow more fully by themselves and with their families. Learning is a hands-on exploration, and your child is in a social setting where they engage with others as they learn all there is to know about their ever-expanding world. Our early childhood development professionals guide your little one through learning, enhancing what they already know and have yet to find in their world. Every child benefits from what they learn with us as we promote their blossoming independence and social skills and create self-confidence in each two-year-old. Join us, won't you, with your child, and discover how learning is achieved in our childcare facility. There are many types of intelligence, and we recognize your child learns effectively through each. Contact us for more information.

Happiness makes people more receptive to learning. At Grow With Us, we do away with the idea that learning needs to be unpleasant. It might be challenging, but we teach to welcome challenges. Building with blocks can be challenging, and so can drawing an airplane. With our guidance, our children can play and learn at the same time. By incorporating learning with play, we help develop people who are more creative, intuitive, resourceful, and positive.

Our youngest children benefit from our nurturing and encouraging environment. We aim to incorporate guided play into our children’s daily learning, and we create a safe place to try new things and have new experiences.

We encourage this age group by allowing them to explore in ways that are particularly meaningful at their stages of development. This includes multi-sensory activities to engage them in the learning process, making discovering new things, and the joy of learning, a resource they can rely on for the rest of their lives.

Learning is not something that happens between set hours and in set locations. Learning is a way of life. We ensure that our children can develop by themselves, and with their families.

We aim to enhance their development in social skills, communication, and personal growth as well. Becoming your best self can begin as a toddler with love, acceptance, and nurturing.

3-Year Old’s

Three Year Olds
It seems at this age; they are ready to take on the world. And they will, in fun and creative ways, when they are a part of Grow With Us Learning Academy. We know that every child has potential, and we love helping them to discover for themselves just how much they can learn. Like every curriculum at Grow With Us, our three-year-old curriculum builds meaningful interactions. A greater emphasis is still on the power of play, with an additional emphasis on high-quality instruction from our certified teachers. One of the ways children learn best is through productive free play at our childcare facility. Learning and Development for Your Three-Year-Old Social Skills Are Enhanced. One of the first benefits of childcare is having your child be a part of a group and learning from there. When your child spends time with others, they naturally learn how to interact and cooperate with others. In doing so, they will make better decisions the older they get and rely on others to be a part of their ever-widening world. Self-Help Skills Are Developed. Small tasks such as handwashing and cleaning up play areas are taught to every three-year-old at our childcare facility. These skills inevitably lead to greater independence for your child. In time, your child will learn how to take care of themselves, and with the skills, they learn while being three years old, they will continue to grow into the years ahead with confidence. Structured Learning. By the time your youngster turns three, structured learning through curriculum-guided lesson plans makes all the difference in their learning. Children from the age 3 onwards benefit from a wide array of multi-sensory activities. We make the best use of thematic units that have been researched, stylized, and proven to encourage growth and will guide them through not just play time but into new discoveries as they learn new things every day. Let Grow With Us Help In Your Child's Development The world is a big and confusing place. Shaping the future of the world starts with the young. They can discover what will help them grow. Let independent thought and sound reasoning begin now at our childcare facility. Children learn every day, and as they do, it's up to their families and us to see that what they learn will develop into a lifetime of self-development. Join us on their journey as we bring enthusiasm, creativity, positive reinforcement, and reassurance to each child who passes through our doors. Contact us for more information.

Like our course for infants, toddlers, and twos, our program for 3-year old’s aims to build meaningful interactions. As for our younger children, we emphasize the power of play, providing high-quality instruction at the same time as allowing productive free play.

Our courses are led by our children. We find that they are enthusiastic when they are put in charge of their development. We do this while providing nurturing, protective, encouraging environments in which they can flourish.

Over the course’s duration, our children aged 3 to 5 will take part in many multi-sensory activities to stimulate their learning and curiosity. Thematic units that have been researched, stylized, and proven to encourage growth, will help guide their play, discovery, and development.

Our course content will stimulate your children’s learning skills by focusing on brain development, social skills, emotional intelligence, language and literacy, and math and science. As you can see, we provide a solid foundation on which children can build. In their own time, they improve their resilience and their capacity for critical thinking.

In a world with so many competing voices and channels filled with misinformation, we think that shaping the world of the future begins with children and their capacity for critical thinking, independent thought, curiosity, reasoning, and emotional intelligence. It is never too early to learn how to listen, nor how to make oneself heard. We want to help turn learning and self-development into a lifelong habit.


Four Year Olds
Watching your child grow year to year is one of the greatest joys of your life. They learn so much when they are ready for kindergarten, and you want to help them achieve their fullest potential in those early years. At Grow With Us Learning Academy, our programs are designed to help your child grow. Every program at our childcare facility, whether for infants, 1-2-year-olds, or older, is taught using age-appropriate activities. We understand that children learn best through hands-on experiences. We also know that all children are different and learn at different paces. Our childcare teachers recognize the uniqueness of each individual, and we offer all of our classes steeped in enthusiasm, positive reinforcement, creativity, and assurance that they are always in the right place. Here at Grow With Us, the best way for children to learn is to set the schedule. Our curriculum keeps your child happy and engaged throughout the day. And we always keep you informed about what they learn. How a 4-Year-Old Learns Our commitment to combining play with development means your child receives optimum childcare. They begin to learn about math, literacy, and science. At the 4-year-old level, these are always paired with play as well as social-emotional development. One of the most critical aspects of the 4-year-old year of learning is that it is rooted in curriculum, giving your child the confidence that they need as they approach kindergarten. Our teachers know just how to safeguard the fun of learning by engaging your child's curiosity and their love of play. The 4-year-old curriculum includes: Improving upon social-emotional skills. Children at this age love to interact with one another – they may have special friends with whom they gather for play each day. Respect and sharing are vital to a good understanding as each year progresses. The curriculum at our childcare facility includes instructed learning. It's never too early for your child to begin discovering all there is to know. Literacy and math skills are started in this pre-K year, and children gain a greater grasp of simple reading and numbers. Developing self-help skills. Children will surprise you at 4 years of age with all they know how to do. They can help getting themselves dressed, opening food packages when at breaks and lunch, and cleaning up after themselves. These are vital skills as each child begins to understand how they learn and how exciting the world around them is. At Grow With Us, it is all about allowing your child to flourish. Teachers, administrators, and parents all recognize the need for a well-balanced youngster. We want every child to succeed and when they have a safe and welcoming environment to do that in, there is no limit to what they can do. We are happy to hear from you. Please contact us today for more information.
Now that your little one is old enough, it's time to think about VPK or Voluntary pre-kindergarten. Children who turn four or five years old by September 1st are eligible. This is the year before kindergarten, and your child will learn so much when enrolled in Grow With Us Learning Academy. Our VPK program provides ample opportunities for children 4 or 5 to be creative problem-solvers. Here they will learn to build critical social and language skills, which will give them the boost they need to be successful in school and throughout life. We know every child has great potential. The best part of learning through Grow With Us is our hands-on approach. Each of our curriculum programs will keep them organized and engaged every day. VPK Helps Prepare Your Child Just what makes preschool so important? These early years of childhood are so important – in fact, they form the foundation for a lifetime of learning. There is so much more than the alphabet and numbers in a VPK class. Here children develop creativity, problem-solving, persistence and the ability to partner with others. This is all done through caring, experienced teachers who give every child the care and attention they need to be successful in kindergarten and the years ahead. There are specific daily lessons. Subjects include science, math, social studies, early literacy, and social-emotional growth activities. Learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom, where real hands-on problems and challenges are met by our students daily. Learning is done best by doing, not just seeing, and our kids have that opportunity in each class. We offer continuous assessments of all our students. We are continually monitoring our students to ensure they understand all the learning. Our lessons combine play with development, giving children the best ways to accomplish what is set out in front of them. Individualized lessons. Our VPK teachers know that each student is different, so we plan our curriculum to benefit each child’s learning style. We create lesson plans with Gardner’s Theory of Intelligences in mind to ensure that the lessons are geared toward each student. These lessons go beyond the basics which means all students get the most from their VPK experience. We invite you to come and see what we are all about. Here there is a safe and nurturing environment for your child. Contact us to learn more.

With our experience and dedication to combining play with development, there are no limits to what your child can accomplish.

Across the USA, kids fall behind in science, math, and literacy. Our preschool/VPK courses focus on these subjects, combining them with play and social-emotional development.

The reason why kids then to fall behind in math and science is that most school time Pre-K is devoted to literacy. While literacy is essential, it takes away from math and science.

It is undeniable that math and science are invaluable areas of study that can shape the way we see and interact in the world around us. We need our children to be ready to engage with math and science when they start school, so they are ready to learn more as they develop. We help our children explore math and science with open-ended and guided play because we believe that it is the best course to help set children up for success as they continue along the road of development.

Allowing Your Child to Flourish at Grow With Us

At Grow With Us, we understand that children are unique, and we treat them as such. The many differences between our students are their strengths.

We are dedicated to helping every child succeed. We do so by listening to them and creating an environment in which they are safe and able to learn. We also encourage them to interact and play with their families so that the learning never ends.

If you are ready to start, fill out our contact form, or give us a call. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to letting you know more about what we do, and we cannot to help your children with our customized curriculum.


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